Tiruvannamalai is additionally equivalent word to Saint Ramana Maharishi for what it’s worth to Lord Arunachalaeswar. Ramana Maharishi was conceived in a straightforward and poor family at a little town close Madurai. After his dad’s passing when Ramana was distinctly in his teens, he with his mom moved to his uncle’s home in Madurai. It was here that Ramana met an individual from Tiruvannamalai who went to his uncle’s home at Madurai. In the wake of hearing some reports about Tiruvannamalai from that individual, he was extremely urged going to see Lord Arunachalaeswar at Tiruvannamalai. He settled there and intensely began going to Lord Arunachalaeswar and persistently sat in repentance for some days. Saint Ramana Maharishi’s lessons drew numerous individuals towards him. These devotees over and over visit his ashram to get his unfading favors. They especially visit his ashram during the Maha Shivarathri day, and numerous others visit consistently. He continues to live among them through his significant lessons and philosophy.

Geographical Location:

The town of Tiruvannamalai is situated around 120 miles from Chennai. It is actually the southwest way to Chennai. One can reach Ramana Maharishi ashram that is situated insignificant two miles from the Tiruvannamalai railroad station lying among Villupuram and Katpadi in the South India. Ramana Ashram can be effectively come to by means of transport like bus and private taxis.

Inside Ramana Ashram:

A lovely over the new hall arch at the fundamental entryway invites every one of the devotees to the Raman ashram. There is a major yard with a lot of old trees and one among them is said to be around 450 years of age. Alongside to draw in the consideration of the devotees to the Raman ashram is the two impressive pinnacles worked in temple and it is in Dravidian style. One of the pinnacles is worked over the tomb of Ramana’s mom and the other in the new lobby there is a real existence size statue of Ramana Maharishi. The other pinnacle surmounts the Mathrubhuteswara temple. The devotees can enter this place of worship through the entryway situated in the western mass of the new lobby. Lord Shiva lingam and Chakra meru are the divinities in this shrine. Shri Chakra meru pooja is performed on all Fridays in seven days, on full moon days and in all first day of 12 sun based a very long time in a year. The icons of Lord Ganesha and Lord Muruga are set on the south west and north west corner of this altar. The Chandekeswari holy place is on the north side of this new lobby. Every one of the columns in the holy place sport the diverse Hindu divinities.

 Ramana Maharshi Nirvana Room:

  • It is situated to the east of new hall
  • Room North of this room is the place where Maharshi spent most of his time during his last days of life
  • There is a new library situated with a plenty of new books for his teachings and values
  • Following this room are rooms for devotees who are here for peace and harmony.