Each one of the profound focuses of India has its own character and line of custom. Among them all it is Tiruvannamalai (Arunachala) that speaks to the most immediate and the most undefined whose gateway is quiet commencement. This is communicated in the old Tamil saying: “To see Chidambaram, to be conceived at Tiruvarur, to die at Banaras or even to consider Arunachala is to be guaranteed of Liberation.” “Even to consider” in light of the fact that on account of the immediate way physical contact isn’t vital. Subsequently, it was no mishap that the Maharshi made Tiruvannamalai and its consecrated Arunachala Mountain his home.

The Maharshi termed Arunachala ‘The Sacred Heart of the World’ where

  • Aruna means fire of sagacity and
  • Achala means Hills

Geographical Location:

Tiruvannamalai, located at the foot of Arunachala, is a town of medium size, 120 miles southwest of Chennai, an antiquated town with a huge and breath-takingtemple. Certain yearly celebrations draw enormous hordes of devotees to Tiruvannamalai from all over South India. This is particularly so during Karthigai (otherwise called Deepam), which normally falls in November. On this event a reference light of pure butter (ghee) is lit at dusk on the summit of the mountain. At Sri Ramanasramam, the best celebrations are the commemorations of the birth and going of the Maharshi (Jayanti and Aradhana), which fall discretely at the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

Origin of Arunachala Hill:

There is a Puranic tale about the origin of this hill. When Vishnu and Brahma tumbled to questioning which of them was the more noteworthy. Their fight expedited tumult on earth, so the Devas moved toward Shiva and besought him to settle the debate. Shiva immediately showed himself as a section of light from which a voice gave declaring that whoever could locate its upper or lower end was the more prominent. Vishnu appeared as a boar and tunnelled down into the earth to locate the base, while Brahma appeared as a swan and took off upwards to look for its summit. Vishnu neglected to arrive at the base of the segment yet “starting to see inside himself the Supreme Light which stays in the hearts of all, he got lost in contemplation, unmindful of the physical body and even uninformed of himself, the person who looked for”. Brahma saw the blossom of an alse flower falling through the air, came back with it and announced he had culled it from the summit. Vishnu conceded his failure and went to the Lord in commendation: “You are everything and enlighten everything.” He was referred superior while Brahma admitted his fault.

In this legend, Vishnu representswisdom and Brahma represents ego, while Shiva is Atma, the soul.

The story proceeds with that, in light of the fact that the lingam was too amazing to even consider beholding, Shiva showed himself rather as the Arunachala hill, announcing: “As the moon gets its light from the sun, so other sacred spots will get their sacredness from Arunachala. This is the main spot where I have taken this form to help the devotees who wish to venerate me and get enlightenment.

Thus, Lord Shiva will show up on the summit of this slope each year at Karthigai as a peace giving signal.